Logistical Thinking: Meet Brian Gutierrez

Brian Gutierrez, Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Project Manager at Priority Freight Ltd., speaks to Kent Business School at The University of Kent to discuss the importance of the institution and offers his advice to professionals who want to move to the UK.

What is your current role?

I’m managing a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project with Priority Freight Ltd. and the University of Kent. This involves developing an efficient and bespoke scheduling tool using heuristic approaches for the design of collection/delivery in contingency logistics.

Having studied at the University of Kent, how important do you believe logistics degrees are within the sector?

The logistics degree I undertook at the University of Kent had a good mixture of qualitative and quantitative modules and research. The qualitative element focused on supply chain strategy, operational management and warehouse management; the quantitative element centered on data analysis, optimisation software, routing program design, modelling techniques and location analysis. It is important to know both parts for today’s logistics professions. I’ve found that understanding both aspects has been extremely useful in my career so far.

What advice would you give to young professionals who want to move to the UK and make a career in the profession?

Do not get overwhelmed with the visa paperwork. Although the process is simple and straightforward, there are several conditions that must be met in order to move to the UK, which can at first glance appear daunting. I found that keeping a journal with facts, website links and important dates made the process less onerous.

How have you found working with senior professionals has enabled your career to develop?

As a young professional, I’ve had the proclivity to focus on how my tasks help a team or department. Working with senior professionals has enabled me to broaden my scope and appreciate the implications of everyone’s role in an organisation.

As a young professional, is getting your voice heard ever a challenge?

I’ve been fortunate enough to receive support in every organisation I’ve been in so far, so it’s never been a challenge to get my voice heard. The challenge for a young professional, I’ve found, is speaking up.

How important do you feel being a member of CILT(Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport) is to your career progression?

The logistics and transport sector ranges significantly. CILT collectively brings the profession together to share ideas and knowledge. This is important to my career progression. There is always something to learn.

How involved are you with CILT, and is this something you want to develop alongside your career?

I’ve been a member since I was a student and found, and still find, CILT’s resources helpful. I’ve recently enrolled in the Young Professionals Forum and would like to contribute actively.

Many thanks to Brian for his insights. If an MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management interests you, take a look and apply now.

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