Kent Business School PhD Marketing Student awarded Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary


Shawaaf Mohammed Alshawaaf, a student studying for his PhD in Marketing at Kent Business School has been awarded a £500 Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary.

Many students have concerns about the financial constraints of postgraduate study. Speaking about this Shawaaf “felt a sense of relief that someone is helping me reduce my financial stress so I can pursue my dream of becoming an academic.”

If you are looking to begin a postgraduate course in the academic year 2017-18 you are eligible to apply for a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary. Each bursary is worth £500 and is open to students from anywhere in the world. To apply, fill out a five-minute online form. Kent Business School students can apply for up to 9 bursaries, dependent on circumstances. Take a look at the Postgrad Solution Study Bursaries available.

Shawaaf chose to come to the UK and study at Kent Business School because, “The UK is the world’s leading education destination and the University of Kent is globally recognised as a top research institution. It is the place that will enable me to unleash my potential and make a contribution to science and the world.”

Speaking about his chosen area of expertise and his career hopes and dreams for the future, Shawaaf says, “I want to develop the field of business and marketing for better industry and market practice. Marketing has a huge potential for innovation. The career path I chose after my undergraduate study is based on innovation and creativity that requires learning and development, and my passion is to be an academic and researcher.”

Congratulations to Shawaaf on winning his bursary from all at Kent Business School. We hope that this bursary provides him with greater peace of mind, and allows him to concentrate on his studies. is a useful and accessible website for postgrad students, giving them easy access to postgrad course information, advice and financial help. Take a look at this year’s Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary winners.bursary_winner_shawaf


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  1. Great! Shaawarf, please could you forward specimen(s) of Ph.D research proposal and any other vital information to me to peruse. I will be so grateful if you obliged me and also to see areas of research collaboration. I am Ismail Amusat from Nigeria presently proposing to apply for a Ph.D in marketing at Kent university.

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