My Business Start-Up Journey: Joseph Aina

Student Blogger, Joseph Aina

The Business Start-Up Journey (BSUJ) is a step-by-step extra-curricular programme designed to encourage, nurture and support the development of student business start-ups. Run by Kent Business School, but open to all University of Kent students, this is a philanthropically funded programme committed to developing the next generation of entrepreneurs. Current Kent student Joseph Aina is the founder of an arts sharing platform start-up called JMArt’space. He took part in the BSUJ last year and his start-up has benefited from BSUJ guidance.

Introduce yourself

My name is Joseph Aina, I’m studying Law and Psychology at The University of Kent. I’m originally from Nigeria, but now live in Windsor, Berkshire.

What is your business concept?

My business JMArt’space is a creative arts website inclusive of all the arts (music, film, fashion, art, photography, literature and design). We focus mainly on new artists such as students and those without adequate recognition. The website provides a comfortable creative platform where artists can share their work. Their work can be critiqued, they can find other artists to collaborate with and eventually sell their work (or monetise their craft). We plan to help artists through their whole journey as an artist, eventually finding their artistic identity.

There are many platforms around for artists to showcase their work, however very few of them help artists get to a stage where they finally see their work as ‘perfect’. By providing almost every necessary component for success in the art world I hope every day each artist can ‘step inside the art space’ and feel one step closer to success.

At this stage we are focusing mainly on showcasing artists work until we have raised the funds to make further developments to the website. We plan to start a crowdfunding campaign soon to help take the website even further.jmart-space

Why did you take part in the Business Start-Up Journey?

Mainly to help me formulate a plan on how to structure and run my businesses. I wanted to discover how to make a brand with longevity like worldwide businesses such as apple and google.

I felt it was necessary to discover what I still needed to do before launch day and what had to be done each day after launch day to avoid failure and ensure success.

What was the most enjoyable part of the Business Start-Up Journey?

My favourite moment was when I did a practice pitch in front of the other students on the programme. Although this seems like a unusual ‘favourite moment’ for me this gave me even more drive towards ensuring my dreams became a reality.

Would you recommend the Business Start-Up Journey?

I would strongly recommend the Business Start-Up Journey to anyone who is considering starting a business. Jumping straight into experiences such as this helps you establish the exact mindset you need to run a business. To achieve success in anything you must step well out of your comfort zone and be around like-minded people. The energy is always high during each session and experiencing this first-hand is so uplifting that it gives you the confidence to chase your dreams.

How has the Business Start-Up Journey helped with your business?

The Business Start-Up Journey helped me realise where I wanted my business to be, how to use the resources I had at hand to slowly build up towards my target. Using lean start-up principles enabled me to postpone many factors that were out of my means at the time. This enabled me to start developing my brand name instantly.

Many thanks to Joseph for sharing his thoughts. From all at Kent Business School, we wish him luck with his business venture.

The Business Start-Up Journey is running it’s Business Start-Up Days both at the Medway and Canterbury campuses during November. All University of Kent Students are invited to attend this informal session which will introduce you to the Business Start-Up Journey. All are welcome. Book your place to attend.

Student Blogger:

Joseph Aina


My name is Joseph Aina. I am currently in my third year, studying Law and Psychology at the University of Kent. I am Nigerian but I live in Windsor; just outside of London.

I am a very artistic person; I practice a range of creative arts including poetry poetry, painting and music.

Business has also been an interest of mine since I was young as I love the idea of finding solutions to problems.

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