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Alumni Blogger, Yazid Lallmahomed

Yazid Lallmahomed is a KBS Alumnus with ambition. Having graduated in 2013 with a 2.1. in BA Accounting and Finance, Yazid has now opened up his own business Robin Could. We spoke to Yazid to find about more about his journey from backpack to briefcase.

Describe your Business

Robin Could provides expert career advice for university students, graduates and young professionals. We’re an ambitious business, looking to help our target market find their dream career. What makes us different from our competitors is that we are able to offer advice from real professionals. We believe that if you want to become a Veterinary Surgeon, the best advice you can get is from a Veterinary Surgeon! And that’s exactly what we provide. We want to make the journey to someone’s dream career a smooth and enjoyable experience.

After I graduated, I was at a bit of a loss as to which career path to take. I resorted to looking online for careers advice, but the career’s advice was so dry, long and overly complicated. So, I wanted to change that.

How did you Develop the Skills necessary to run Robin Could?

It was personal experience through university and post-university that led me to really know what university students, graduates and young professionals needed. I studied BA Accounting and Finance as a degree and although I enjoyed it, I didn’t think it really complimented my creativity and my passion for business as a whole. Speaking to other students from a range of degrees, I noticed that it was a quite a big trend that the degree they had chosen weren’t best suited to them.yazid

So I designed Robin Could to help. I didn’t really have any prior experience of setting up a business and I’m still learning new things about business everyday! Obviously the internet has really helped me, from setting up as a sole trader to designing the website. I’ve always loved business and read a lot of books on the subject. My business advisers have also really helped me. They specialise in setting up start-ups and getting them off the ground. So they have been my mentors and have guided and coached me through the journey.

Do you Compete in the Global Market Place?

We are not competing in the global market place at the moment, although our website and social media platforms is open for global interaction. We definitely plan to operate on a global level, once we have established ourselves in the UK first. We believe that this is the future of careers advice.

Where do you see your Business in the next five years?

I want Robin Could to become the leader of online careers advice. In 5 years’ time, I see our website competing on the same level against the main competitors.

Our ultimate goal is to get more individuals on the road to their dream careers, by giving them expert advice, motivation and direction. For us, it’s such a shame to see talent wasted. You could be sat beside the next JK Rowling, but you’ll never know until they actively pursue their career. Everyone is a genius at something.

How has what you learned at Kent Business School fed into your business today?

Being an Accounting & Finance graduate, the degree has definitely enhanced my budgeting skills! My business is funded solely by me, so effective budgeting is essential. Being a part of such a popular degree, has allowed me to get to know a range of people of different backgrounds. Understanding what they wanted from their degree and their future career has definitely played a part in my business, creating a website that meets all their wants and needs.

Many thanks to Yazid for sharing his achievements. Find out more about Kent Business School’s undergraduate programmes.

Alumni Blogger:

Yazid Lallmahomed

yazidMy name is Yazid Lallmahomed and I graduated from Kent Business School, part of the University of Kent with my BA Accounting & Finance in 2013.

Since then I founded my own start-up business. Robin Could provides expert career advice for university students, graduates and young professionals.

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