Welcome Back Year in Industry Students – What did you Learn?

Final Year Undergraduates


As the new term begins Kent Business School is welcoming back many stage 2 students who are returning from their Year in Industry for their final year of study. But how did they get on, and what did they take from the experience? We spoke to five returning students to find out just that.

Oliver Rogers – PwC Mauritius

BA Accounting & Finance with a Year in Industry

“I have been working at PwC Mauritius and can proudly say that this experience has been extremely fruitful. This experience taught me values which I will carry throughout my personal and professional life. Being taught at University only teaches you the theory of what you study. You only learn from books and from what your lecturers show you during seminars. From the first few weeks I started my placement, I started to make sense of all the theory I had been learning since my first year and everything made much more sense. Anyone can learn something in theory through books but it is only those who go out there and practice the subject which they have learnt who then master this subject. This placement gave me a proper understanding of accounting and, above all, it showed me the areas of business which I do not like and where I do not want to orientate myself to. Overall, my placement experience has been great so far. I had the opportunity to meet people from different companies and areas of businesses which is great for networking. It has given me a good idea of what the world after University will be like and I am a 100% confident that my final year at University will be much easier thanks to the placement.”


Anirudh Chopra – International Motoring Group Ltd.

BA Business Administration with a Year in Industry

“All I can say is that I have absolutely enjoyed my time working for I.M Group. I have definitely learned and gained a lot of experience. Meeting new people / companies on a regular basis has definitely helped me develop many new business ideas and has also helped me to understand businesses better. I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to attend the biggest motor award show function in London, the ‘What Car? ‘Car of the year’ Award Show’. The industrial placement experience has definitely helped me develop as a person and I am sure this will be a very good base to start off my career.”


Rhys Williams – Adidas

BA Accounting & Finance with a Year in Industry

“Having the chance to complete a Year in Industry as part of my University of Kent degree has greatly improved my future job prospects and has opened my eyes to the different roles available to me. Taking an Accounting and Finance degree mainly drives you towards an accounting role, however from working in a big company and getting the opportunity to shadow different people in different roles I was able to see how my skills could be transferable to other roles. The placement itself has given me a range of abilities and skills, which I can boast about on my CV and in interviews which will help to put me above other candidates. I have learnt many different processes and now understand the requirements of a big corporate company. When going to interviews I will be able to confidently tell them what I expect from a similar role. The placement has allowed me to make connections with different people, at different levels, in different departments and so my professional network is always growing – something which could prove valuable in the future. The placement has also provided me some training to work on my soft skills, which I can use in all aspects of my life, meaning I have seen not only professional development but also personal.”


Abigail Lowy – Abbaltis

BA Business Administration (Marketing) with a Year in Industry

“One of the reasons I chose the University of Kent was because a Year in Industry was fully supported by the Business School with a scheme in place to help students find a placement. This stood out compared to other universities because of how encouraging and supportive the University are in relation to helping students gain the most from their degree. I am so glad I chose to do a Year in Industry because it allowed me to apply theory taught in lectures, into a real business setting. As a result I hope this will make me more employable when I come to graduating.”


Tara Magwenzi – ArgoGlobal

BA Accounting & Finance with a year in Industry

“My Year in Industry has taught many valuable lessons about what the ‘world of work’ truly involves. I can now manage my time productively. It has not only built my confidence in my own abilities but pushed me out of my comfort zone which has enabled me to learn new skills that I would only have been able to do in the workplace. I have matured and now appreciate the value of money. My Year in Industry has been a rewarding process on the whole.

For me it has reaffirmed that Finance is definitely an industry I wish to pursue a career in. In this economic climate, gaining job-specific experience will make me stand out from the crowd. All in all, I would thoroughly recommend a Year in Industry to any student, as it will give you competitive edge. It is an invaluable experience that would be a shame to miss out on.”


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