Unethical Counterfeit Consumption: Top Rated Paper for KBS Academic

Senior KBS Lecturer in Marketing Dr Xuemei Bian’s study on the consumption of counterfeit goods

The study was included in the publisher Elsevier’s Newsletter to science journalists and reporters, and is the ‘Top Rated Article’ of the Journal of Business Research. Our congratulations go to Dr Bian and her fellow writers.

The paper “New Insights into Unethical Counterfeit Consumption” was written in collaboration with academics from a Canadian University Kai-Yu Want and other UK business schools Andrew Smith and Natalia Yannopoulou. The paper examines the psychological motivations and cognitive coping strategies behind the purchase of counterfeit goods. The study makes significant contributions to counterfeit consumption literature and consumer ethics literature. Read the full article.

Dr Bian is a member of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Marketing and Journal of Marketing Communication, and also reviewing for a number of leading marketing journals, including the Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Journal of Business Research, International Marketing Review, Journal of Business Ethics, Marketing Letters, and Journal of Product and Brand Management.

Dr Bian teaches on International Marketing (MBA), Buyer Behavior (BSc Marketing) and Buying Decision Making (MSc Marketing). Read more.

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