Business Start-Up Journey – Kent Alumni Attend European Innovation Academy


Two finalists from the Business Start-Up Journey were selected to attend the European Innovation Academy (EIA).

The EIA, which took place in Nice, is a 15-day programme of entrepreneurship education which immerses participants in an international start-up environment.

The EIA features inspirational talks and workshops from speakers of Stanford University, Google and University of California Berkeley.

Kent Business School student Brenda Okandju (Keynes, 2012) and School of Computing student Mate Tukacs (Medway, 2012) attended the programme following their success in the pilot of the Kent Business School Business Start-Up Journey (BSUJ) during the academic year 2015-16.

Mate, a full-time Entrepreneur and recent Kent graduate commented: “The EIA was one of the best experiences in my entrepreneurial life. Amongst the 400 participants, I met some of the most open minded people I have ever come across, resonating completely with my mentality and outlook on life. The talks and lectures were exceptional in quality, deep, to the point, and very practical.”

Select student finalists from across the University who complete Stage 5 of the Business Start-Up Journey (BSUJ) are selected to attend the European Innovation Academy at the close of each academic year.

The Business Start-Up Journey (BSUJ) is an extra-curricular educational programme of events, workshops and activities designed to support the development of student business start-ups at the University of Kent. Piloted at the Canterbury campus in the 2015-16 academic year the BSUJ will be expanded for 2016-17 with two journeys running in parallel at the Canterbury and Medway campuses. Organised by the Kent Business School but open to all students across the university, the BSUJ will support students to start a business, develop a professional network and nurture transferable entrepreneurship skills. Find out more.

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