Dr Xuemei Bian invited to talk on consumer consumption behaviour by Anti-Counterfeiting Group

KBS’ Dr Xuemei Bian recently presented a talk at the Anti-Counterfeiting Group’s (ACG) Intellectual Property Roadshow on understanding consumer consumption behaviour around counterfeit products.

Dr Bian was invited by ACG following her leading research on consumer behaviour and luxury counterfeit products. ACG is a leading authority on the worldwide trade in fakes and represents around 160 organisations globally.

Dr Bian is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at KBS and has spent over a decade researching consumer behaviour and counterfeit products. Her work has also featured in popular outlets such as Huffington PostMarie Claire and BBC Radio Kent.

For further information about Dr Bian’s research please visit the Kent Business School website or contact her directly at X.M.Bian@kent.ac.uk.

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