KBS’ Dr May Seitanidi receives ARSP Honours List Certificate

Kent Business School is proud to announce that Dr May Seitanidi, Senior Lecturer in Strategy has received the Annual Review of Social Partnerships (ARSP) Honours List Certificate. The award is an international acknowledgement of Dr Seitanidi’s leadership in theory in cross-sector social interactions and collaborations.

 The ARSP publication, dedicated to the theory and practice of collaboration as key to solving social problems, marked its 10th anniversary and announced the ARSP International Thought, Practice and Thexis Honours List.

As an “honoured” recipient of ARSP Honours List Certificate Dr Seitanidi is recognised as a thought-leader in social partnerships as voted by colleagues worldwide. As she comments:

“I am honoured to be included in such an amazing group of cross-sector collaboration leaders that work tirelessly to make a difference all around the world.

The award globally recognises the significance of collaboration across the profit, non-profit and public sectors as a way of addressing social problems, including health and environmental challenges.

It acknowledges the value of combining our knowledge, experience and skills rather than using them in silos that leads to significant delays in the development of solutions.”

For further information please contact Dr Seitanidi at M.M.Seitanidi@kent.ac.uk, or download the complimentary 10th issue of the ARSP journal online.







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