Dr Muthu de Silva achieves Best Paper Award at British Academy of Management Conference

Kent Business School is proud to announce that Dr Muthu de Silva, KBS Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation recently achieved the Best Paper Award at British Academy of Management.  The paper was entitled ‘Value co-creation dimensions in inter-organisational collaborative projects: the case of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.’

The paper explored the process of value co-creation in the context of knowledge-intensive collaborations between universities and businesses. The award was given for the originality of the paper in terms of how the authors conceptualised the co-creation process and its determinants by amalgamating the service, entrepreneurship and innovation literature.

Dr de Silva is honoured to have received the award and looks forward to conducting further research in this field with a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant:

‘I am very pleased and honoured to have received the best paper award in innovation by the British Academy of Management. We made an original contribution by theoretically defining and empirically testing the co-creation process between universities and businesses and its determinants, where we also highlight both practical and theoretical implications.

We intend to further contribute to the understanding of ecosystem centric co-creation, for which we have already secured British Academy/Leverhulme grant.’

For more information, please contact Dr de Silva directly at L.De-Silva@kent.ac.uk.


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