KBS’ Michael Koch Wins Best Symposium Award at Academy of Management

Michael Koch, Lecturer in HRM and Organisational Behaviour was one of the recipients of the Best Career Division Symposium Award at Academy of Management. The award recognises the general advancement of research in the field of careers and the practice of management.

Michael Koch delivered a paper with co-author, Sarah Park, Department of Management at King’s College London on career transitions using sequence analysis. The study investigated entries into and exists out of entrepreneurship in the context of a person’s career trajectory.

The results achieved from the study provide a greater understanding of how entrepreneurial careers unfold over time, how transitions between paid employment and entrepreneurship occur, and how different patterns of transitions are linked to success and satisfaction outcomes.

The award recognises the influential research undertaken in the field of careers, as Michael Koch comments:

“The Best Career Division Symposium Award, Academy of Management is a pleasing recognition of the work of the symposium organisers, presenters and discussants. It shows that sequence analysis is a promising method that has the potential to advance career research and I am glad to be able to contribute to this stream of work.”

For more information about Michael Koch’s research, please email M.Koch@kent.ac.uk or view his staff profile page on the Kent Business School website.


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