KBS & CIM Digital Marketing Forum “Hugely Successful”

Jointly hosted by Kent Business School and CIM (Chartered Institute for Marketing), the Digital Marketing Forum attracted an excellent turnout on Wednesday.

The event brought together leading digital minds to discuss the five biggest challenges for businesses in 2015. Presenting key topics were speakers from award-winning digital agencies, business owners, academics and b2b experts.

Des Laffey, Senior Lecturer in e-Commerce at KBS delivered the first presentation on The Digital Marketing Landscape and commented:

“The event was hugely successful and brought together the latest academic thinking and industry best practice.”

Clive Reddihough, Chair, Kent Branch of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) also expressed that the event’s success was testament to the ongoing collaboration of KBS and CIM:

“The Forum was a great opportunity to tap into leading-edge thinking from some of the South East’s digital marketing experts. I hope that we can look forward to Digital Marketing Forum 2016.”

Duncan Smith, CEO iCompli, gave a powerful presentation on ‘Big Data’ and how businesses will be judged by a new set of privacy standards by 2018 with a new EU Law. This will challenge how marketers achieve consent for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and will affect the resale of cookies, which is currently a three trillion dollar business in Europe.

Duncan emphasised that businesses will need to gain explicit consent for PII, but to get round this, marketers can give customers a tangible benefit for providing their personal information. This was explained as the ‘Give-Get’ equation.

After further presentations from the digital experts including Amy Last, Marketing Director at Deramores.com; Paul Stephen, CEO Sagittarius Marketing; and Justine Robson, Sleeping Giant Media, the event closed with a panel Q & A.

For more information about the Digital Marketing Forum, please contact Dr Marian Garcia at M.Garcia@kent.ac.uk or +44(0)1227 824113.

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