A prelude to Brussels – thoughts from Gwladys Caubet, MBA student

Thursday 20th of March, Kent Business School was honoured by the visit of Richard Ashworth, Member of the European Parliament for the Southeast of England and Leader of the UK Conservative Party delegation to the European Parliament, as a preliminary to the MBA cohort’s visit to the European Parliament on Monday 31st of March.

As an introduction, Richard outlined the fundamental reasons which have led to create what has become the World’s largest wealthiest economic zone and how the European Parliament is constantly endeavouring to protect each European Union member’s interests.

Without giving away the climax of their next visit in Brussels, Richard has raised MBAs’ awareness on key challenges currently at the centre of the European Parliament’s attention:

  • Securing European Union’s global competitiveness in a changing world, where new emerging economies are likely to represent the future;
  • Coping with demographic changes and the consequences of an ageing European Union;
  • Alleviating the impact of climate change on individual states members;
  • Equilibrating the economy by a fair distribution of assets and wealth ;
  • Finding the right balance between encouraging migration and preserving national interests.

With such a prelude, Richard highlighted how the future of the European Union, threatened by the Eurozone crisis, matters to each individual.

Brussels’ visit promises to be a unique and exciting experience for the cohort who has already started to countdown days!

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