Speed Interviewing at Kent Business School

You may have heard of SPEED DATING, but have you heard of SPEED INTERVIEWING?

Kent Business School students considering a career in accountancy were given the opportunity to meet and impress potential future employers at the unique ‘Speed Interviewing’ event organised at Kent Business School this term.

In partnership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) Kent Business School brought together final year accounting students with quality chartered accountancy firms.

This fun and lively event mirrored the well-established ‘speed dating’ model, each student was encouraged to meet a large number of potential employers by being paired up for short 3-minute personal meetings, moving on to the next mini-interview with each ring of the bell. This was a chance for both students and the firms to get acquainted and gauge compatibility.

To improve their chances, each student was given the opportunity to polish up their CVs in advance of the session with the help of a Kent Business School career and employability specialist.

The event attracted eleven quality chartered accountancy firm representatives who each met with over 30 students over the course of the evening. The evening was a resounding success for both the students who gained valuable first-hand interviewing experience and for the firms many of which recruited placements students and interns from the cream of the crop of Kent Business School accountancy students.

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