Kent Business School professor invited to contribute a chapter in the latest SUERF study

Professor Radu Tunaru’s work on “The Fundamental Economic Term of Commercial Real-Estate in UK” features in the latest SUERF study 2013/14 PROPERTY PRICES AND REAL ESTATE FINANCING IN A TURBULENT WORLD, edited by Morten Balling. Other contributors to the same volume include Per Callesen, Governor, Danmarks Nationalbank, Giovanni Dell’Ariccia and Deniz Igan, IMF Research, Margarita Rubio from Banco de España,  Ronan C. Lyons, Oxford University, Marius Jurgilus, Norges Bank and Kevin J.

Lansing, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and Norges Bank, and R. Glenn Hubbard, Christopher Mayer and James Witkin, Columbia Business School. SUERF strives to be the pre-eminent independent non-profit European association designed to create an active network between professional economists, financial practitioners, central bankers and academics for the analysis and mutual understanding of monetary and financial issues.

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