A ‘Rolls Royce’ service: quality research by Kent Business School HRM student

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Migrant Help is a Kent-based charity organisation that provides nation-wide support and guidance to migrants in distress in partnership with the private and public sector. Migrant Help enlisted the assistance of a Kent HRM student to carry out an organisational change research project to explore and help address diverse HRM and change management issues during a corporate restructuring process.

“Over the years I have been involved with many such research processes and I can confirm that this was most definitely a Rolls Royce service and the best of its type that I have experienced”. 

Robert McCrea, Chief Executive Officer, Migrant Help

 The MSc HRM student was commissioned with conducting a change management survey across the organisation. The research comprised an assessment and analysis of variables such as job insecurity levels, the status of the psychological contract, communication, trust in management, commitment and resistance to change.

“We were excited to have worked with Migrant Help in understanding their change initiatives and its effects on all its employees. It was an excellent opportunity for our Masters student to have a first-hand experience in dealing with the rich data, both surveys and interviews. Migrant Help was a great organisation to work with and we look forward to further opportunities to work with them”.

 Dr Pamela Yeow, Lecturer in Human Resource Management, Kent Business School, University of Kent

 This empirical research demonstrated the significant impact of organisational change upon the employment relationship, providing recommendations for the charity on managing organisational change. An informative and in-depth report was written by the student which will be used to generate actions for improvement during the charity’s rapid expansion.  

“The research project in partnership with Migrant Help gave me the invaluable opportunity to gain experience in an area of HRM that is of great interest for me and to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired throughout my Masters. My professional development was enormously enriched by this experience that granted me crucial business skills to capitalise during my future career path”.

 Amalia Panebianco, MSc Human Resource Management, Kent Business School, University of Kent

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