The Implant Scheme reveals two diamonds in the rough

De Beers

 Management Science Masters degree students Jennifer and Tarek worked on two separate projects for the De Beers Group, the world’s leading diamond company, as part of the Kent Business School Implant Scheme. The projects investigated the drivers of profitability for the Auction Sales business and the prediction of future market demand.

These projects were an opportunity for De Beers to carry out sophisticated data analysis, explore important factors influencing auction outcomes and develop forecasting models. The projects resulted in providing the management team with a blueprint as to how it can apply the findings to the Auction Sales business; validating certain aspects of the existing strategy as well as challenging established thinking.

Throughout the projects, the students demonstrated a professional attitude. The work has allowed management to identify the variables that are most relevant for success and has also highlighted some areas that were previously considered unimportant.

Neil Ventura, Senior Vice President, De Beers Auction Sales

Following the completion of the projects, both students have been offered a job with the company.

The student ‘Implant’ scheme is a work placement programme developed to connect companies with our postgraduate management students. Participating companies will gain access to a dedicated student resource who will work on a project tailored specifically to their needs on aspects of value creation and/or process improvement.

For more information about the Implant Scheme, please visit our dedicated webpage – click here

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