Kent Business School Academics speak at the Business Psychology Conference in Bucharest

9th April – Dr Dan Petrovici gave a talk on ‚ÄúConsumer psychology and digital marketing communications‚ÄĚ, as keynote speaker at the Business Psychology Conference in Bucharest. Other keynote speakers included Emeritus Professor Scase (Kent Business School) and Dr Daniel Stefan, Chief Economic Advisor in the Romanian Ministry of Economy.

This interdisciplinary conference benefited from the expert input in marketing, psychology, organisational behavior and entrepreneurship.

The conference was one of the first major events that brought together the concepts of Psychology and Business in Central and Eastern Europe. The event was centered on case studies emphasizing the importance of knowing how to manage information with psychological meaning in the business field and launched the concept of Business Intelligence Psychology for the first time in Romania.

The event was attended by business delegates representing marketing and HR departments of small and large companies operating in Central and Eastern Europe, multinationals as well as entrepreneurs and senior representatives from the diplomatic community.

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