Business School puts Enterprise first

The School successfully launched its first Enterprise Day last week. The event was over-subscribed and rated excellent by most of the students that attended.

“The Leadership skills talk was very insightful and the Ideas Hotbed has given me many questions to bounce my ideas off” said Catherine Onoselase.

With Kent Excellence in Business Award (KEIBA) Young Entrepreneur winners Luke Quilter and Craig Harrison presenting, together with Keynote Speaker Paul Dyer discussing the importance of Leadership in setting up a business, the event was seen as an inspiration by those who attended….

Paul, a founder Director of Towergate, one of the UK’s leading insurance intermediaries, provided students with a master class presentation in Leadership and Enterprise and highlighted a range of skills required when leading various sizes of teams with an emphasis on how to lead a small start-up enterprise.

Using real-life examples, Paul took a humorous look at how Leadership works well – and where it doesn’t, and provided students with tips for looking at their own leadership styles when developing a small business.

Paul was also impressed by the students who attended.

“It never ceases to amaze me, the sheer exuberance of students at the Business School and their enthusiasm to create their own businesses. I get as much out of presenting to them as I hope they do from my talk.”

Paul has kindly offered to support the ‘Paul Dyer Challenge 2013’ in the Autumn, a unique opportunity for up to 20 Business School students to undertake an intensive Leadership Development Programme. Contact the External Services team if the Challenge is something you would like to hear more about at

The Enterprise Day supports students studying the Enterprise & Entrepreneurship modules by connecting them with others across the University to share and develop ideas to help them set up their own enterprise.

David Williamson, Director of External Services explained: “The Business School is here not just to help our students get ahead in the job queue but also to equip them with the skills and confidence to set up their own business. Year on year more of our students seek to set up a business and we are here to help them all the way – it’s one of the reasons why students choose the Business School.”

For more details about Enterprise at the Business School please visit our site.

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