Kent Business School students get help starting a business

‘Getting Started’ was the theme of our Network 612 event on 15th November. Network 612 is a series of events hosted by Kent Business School and Kent Enterprise Hub to provide our students with insight into the challenges and opportunities of setting up a business and entrepreneurship.

Speakers at the event included Steve Trim from Venomtech, Dr Edward Suvanaphen form Tauri-Tec and Piperis Filippaios from DigitalBeans who run small but growing businesses based at Kent Enterprise Hub.

‘We’ve had excellent feedback from the many students who attended the event’ explained David Williamson, KBS Director of External Services. ‘Students found real value in hearing from others, who were students themselves until recently, about how they set up their own enterprise, particularly the ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ of creating a start-up. The network event is a source of inspiration to the students and already we have had students coming forward with ideas which they would like to progress.’

Network 612 runs throughout 2012/13. The next event is at the Kent Business School Medway campus on 29 November 2012; click here for event details.

For more information about the series of events visit:

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