Getting Ready to Pitch !

Pitch it! is the new initiative developed at Kent Business School so our students can experience what it is like to pitch a project to a business. A business presents a challenge to groups of students to address a business issue and generate new ideas and approaches. In turn the students pitch an overview of their proposals to the company.

The next Pitch it! is in December with a panel of business partners from Integrated Technologies Ltd based in Ashford. The company CEO Tom Cole and Business Development Director Greg Smith, invited some Kent Business School MSc students to their premises this month for an overview of their operations and to be briefed on their challenge.

Pitch it! 11th Dec 2012 – Running Order

So now they have just three weeks to analyse, innovate, find solutions and present options for the company to consider…we’ll let you know how they got on in a few weeks’ time!

If you would like to provide a business challenge to Kent Business School students, please contact the Business Team on +44 (0) 1227 827192 or use the contact form.

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