Dr Marian Garcia presenting at ‘Innovation in the new food industry’ conference

Dr Marian Garcia, Senior Lecturer in Agri-Environmental Economics at Kent Business School, is presenting at a conference on ‘Innovation in the new food industry’ on 22nd November 2012 in Seville.

The conference is about the role of food sector in designing new research and innovative strategies for smart specialization in Mediterranean regions. This conference is also included in the Open Days 2012, organised by the European Commission, The European Parliament and the Committee of the Regions. This event is one of one hundred seminars, workshops and other events that are being developed throughout Europe with the themeĀ  “Regions and cities in Europe: making a difference”, during which key priorities of the regions are being discussed in order to face negotiations on the next EU budget.

Dr Marian Garcia, Kent Business School, University of Kent will be presenting onĀ ‘Evolution of the Innovation models; the key role of Open Innovation in the European Food and Beverages Industry’.

For more information on the conference, click here.

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