Kent Business School research case study published by Academy of Social Sciences

The Academy of Social Sciences in partnership with the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies has recently released the latest issue of their booklet ‘Making the Case for the Social Sciences – No.6 Management‘. Included as a case study is the work of Professor Andrew Fearne, Director of the Centre for Value Chain Research (CVCR).

The introduction by Professor Cary Cooper, Chair of the Council of the Academy of Social Sciences, and Professor Richard Thorpe, Chair of the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies states: ‘This booklet…includes research that has impacted upon large corporations and small firms, policymakers at regional and national levels, cross-national and international organisations in the public, private and third sectors.’

The case study describes how ‘Kent Business School and consumer analysts dunhumby established a joint venture to provide a mechanism for farmers and small food producers to access unique shopper insight from the purchasing behaviour of over 17 million households in the UK.’

The booklet can be viewed as a pdf online here and the case study is ‘Helping small food businesses’.

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