CVCR at Kent Business School investigates online competitions

As part of her ongoing research into Open Innovation, Kent Business school’s Dr Marian Garcia has begun an exciting new research project with Kaggle, a San Francisco based predictive modelling and analytics crowdsourcing platform.

Home to the $3million Heritage Health Fund competition, Kaggle is an innovative solution for statistical/analytics outsourcing. They are the leading platform for predictive modeling competitions. Companies, governments and researchers present datasets and problems – the world’s best data scientists then compete to produce the best solutions. At the end of a competition, the competition host pays prize money in exchange for the intellectual property behind the winning model.

Dr Garcia and Bryn Walton, both members of the Centre for Value Chain Research (CVCR) at Kent Business School, have joined forces with Kaggle to test the motivation of their 31,000+ strong crowd. This research has the potential to be be highly beneficial to both the academic and practitioner communities. It aims to produce multiple, high quality journal papers whilst simultaneously improving the way that Kaggle and other online community hosts interact with their members.

Dr Garcia said, “The Centre for Value Chain Research at Kent Business School is an innovative and cutting edge research centre benefiting from a network of international corporate and academic connections. We are very excited to partner with Kaggle to progress this study.”

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