50th Anniversary Research Scholarships

In preparation for the University’s 50th anniversary in 2015, Kent has established an additional 100 doctoral scholarships to be awarded annually from 2012. Known as Kent’s 50th Anniversary Scholars, successful candidates will demonstrate academic excellence and outstanding research potential. Scholarships will be offered at the standard UK Research Council’s rate.

These scholarships complement the already significant investment we make in our postgraduate community. Kent’s scholarship fund now exceeds £5.5m and is supplemented by funding from the leading UK Research Councils and external bodies bringing the total funds we have to support postgraduate research to over £8m.

Kent provides a dynamic and challenging academic environment and has an excellent reputation for collaborative research with universities around the world.

We offer a rich and stimulating research culture through regular lecture series, seminars and conferences where postgraduate students are expected to be active participants alongside our academic staff. Kent’s Graduate School works to enhance the quality of the postgraduate student experience and ensures a supportive and vibrant postgraduate community across all our campuses.

For more information about our research portfolio and how to apply see: www.kent.ac.uk/50th

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