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Reaching into Asia and beyond, we are utilising some great connections within the world news publications of the Far East. The Asian Correspondent is a publication that provides Asia news and opinion on business, media, tech, travel, life more, whom we have linked up with to create and publish a series of general blogs. We encourage you to read these pieces and create some form of comment on the content should you wish to. Indeed, also feel free to share this with your social media forums.

Blogs written and published so far include:

A reflection on the BRIC economies discussion
It was the 9th of November and I was excited to attend my first event at Westminster Business School, London, designed for MBA students and graduates with an interest in global business and the BRIC economies. It was an event conducted by the Association of MBA’s (AMBA) and Kent Business School, being accredited by it, was given preference to attend the event…<read more and comment>

One to one with Steve Robinson, Pfizer Worldwide R&D

Recent changes in the pharmaceutical industry have reflected wider global business trends: refocusing on core businesses, building external alliances, outsourcing operations and developing opportunities in emerging markets… <read more and comment>

Kent MBA to sharpen skills for healthcare professionals
My MBA journey started 8 years after dental school when I took a bold step to open the Omnipark Dental Surgery from scratch… <read more and comment>

In the first week of October 2011, Blackberry users experienced two crashes on their phones which resulted in… <read more and comment>


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