Theoretical Reasoning research cluster

Unit8The Theoretical Reasoning cluster is a research cluster of the Philosophy Department at the University of Kent. We share an interest in the epistemology and methodology of current science, mathematics and medicine.

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  • The Centre for Reasoning is an interdisciplinary hub for research on reasoning, inference and method at the University of Kent.
  • The Reasoner is a monthly gazette on reasoning that we founded.
  • The Reasoning Club, is a global network of allied centres, institutes and groups.
  • The n-category Café is a blog where the implications for philosophy, mathematics and physics of the exciting new language of higher-dimensional category theory are discussed.
  • EBM+ is a consortium of researchers interested in improving the way in which evidence-based medicine handles evidence of mechanisms.
  • Causality in the Sciences conference series (CitS).
  • Workshops on Combining Probability and Logic (progic).