Theoretical Reasoning research cluster

Unit8The Theoretical Reasoning cluster is a research cluster of the Philosophy Department at the University of Kent. We share an interest in the epistemology and methodology of current science, mathematics and medicine.

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  • David Corfield works in the philosophy of science and mathematics. His interests range from probability theory and physics to psychology and medicine, and he looks both to formal methods and historical narrative to understand disciplinary rationality.
  • Graeme Forbes works on time, causation and methodology.
  • Virginia Ghiara works on methods in social science and social policy. She is an honorary researcher at Kent and senior research officer at the Early Intervention Foundation.
  • Yafeng Shan works on scientific method and change and progress in science.
  • Samuel D. Taylor works on philosophy of cognitive science.
  • Alexandra Trofimov works on normativity and epistemology, especially in medicine and law.
  • Michael Wilde works on evidence in medicine and epistemology.
  • Jon Williamson works on the philosophy of causality, the foundations of probability, formal epistemology, inductive logic, and the use of causality, probability and inference methods in science and medicine.
  • Past staff include Christian Wallmann, Veli-Pekka Parkkinen, Jason Konek, Ruth Hibbert, Juergen Landes, Julien Murzi, Laurence Goldstein, George Darby, Phyllis Illari, Federica Russo.
  • We have a Health Methodology Group, including David Corfield, Virginia Ghiara, Lubomira Radoilska, Yafeng Shan, Alexandra Trofimov, Michael Wilde and Jon Williamson.
  • We also run a Methodological Innovation Network around the North Sea (MINANS). This includes (anti-clockwise): Erik Weber (Ghent); Rosa Runhardt (Radboud); Federica Russo (Utrecht); Jan-Willem Romeijn & Boris Kuiper (Groningen); Derek Beach (Aarhus); Hanne Andersen (Copenhagen); Jaakko Kuorikoski & Caterina Marchionni (Helsinki); Till Grüne-Yanoff (KTH, Stockholm); Fredrik Andersen (Østfold, Fredrikstad), Rani Lill Anjum (NMBU, Ås); Elena Rocca (Oslo Met); Simon Andrup (Oslo); Michael Baumgartner, Luna de Souter, Veli-Pekka Parkkinen & Julie Zahle (Bergen); Nancy Cartwright (Durham); Alexandra Trofimov, Michael Wilde & Jon Williamson (Kent).

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Research projects:


  • The Centre for Reasoning is an interdisciplinary hub for research on reasoning, inference and method at the University of Kent.
  • The Reasoner is a monthly gazette on reasoning that we founded.
  • The Reasoning Club, is a global network of allied centres, institutes and groups.
  • The n-category Café is a blog where the implications for philosophy, mathematics and physics of the exciting new language of higher-dimensional category theory are discussed.
  • EBM+ is a consortium of researchers interested in improving the way in which evidence-based medicine handles evidence of mechanisms.
  • Causality in the Sciences conference series (CitS).
  • Workshops on Combining Probability and Logic (progic).