EBL+: New philosophical foundations for evidence-based law

Evidence-based law (EBL) is an emerging field that seeks to use the best evidence to evaluate the effectiveness of proposed laws and regulations. It can answer questions such as: is banning mobile phone use while driving an effective way to reduce accidents?

Proponents of EBL recognise the need to base judgements of effectiveness on diverse kinds of evidence. However, they currently lack a systematic account of which kinds of evidence to look for, and how best to integrate the evidence.

The project will test whether a new philosophical theory of causal enquiry, Evidential Pluralism, can provide systematic foundations for EBL.

This project is supported by the Leverhulme Trust and runs for 3 years from 1st May 2023. The investigators are Alexandra Trofimov (RA), lecturer TBC, and Jon Williamson (PI).




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Activities and talks

22-3 June 2023. Jon Williamson: The need for interdisciplinarity in causal enquiry, Methodological innovations for interdisciplinary research and practice, Østfold University College, Norway.