Survey on digital special collections and archives

Digital special collections and archives are rare or unique digital materials that include:
  • digitised materials (such as digitised manuscripts and documents)
  • materials originating in digital form (such as sound recordings or email records).

If you use any digital special collections or archives, would you spare 4 minutes to share your experiences?

Fill in the survey.

As an Information Science Masters student at Northumbria University I am conducting research for my dissertation using a UX approach.

The methods I am using are:

  • A brief online survey to collect quantitative data
  • Semi-structured interviews to explore survey answers further
  • Cognitive mapping as part of the interview to prompt discussion of research methods – example below:

Black handwritten text, bullet points and arrows on a white sheet of paper










If you would like more information about participating or my research more generally, please contact me.

Helen Blomfield

Telephone: 01227 816365