Week 3,5

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I have managed to finish the first part of my literature review on the patient’s well-being and the health related quality post-abdominal surgery. I have produced a summary with an overview of the papers that I have read. This will hopefully facilitate the write up at the end of my internship and enables my colleagues to access and comprehend the literature. The project will probably run for three years or more (including funding, ethics application, the actual recruitment process and finally the feasibility analysis). These additional stages comprise a major difference between NHS research and research at the university and mean studies often take longer.

I was really lucky to get a last minute place in a Good Clinical Practice course, which has been a great opportunity for me to further my knowledge about standards in conducting research within a clinical environment.

For the second part of the literature review I will be researching patients cab be motivated to comply with their exercise program – I have started to review literature sourced from the library and papers.

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