Week Six

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Week six mainly constituted of continuing with the lab report alongside attempting a tonne of statistics.

I spent a good portion of the week shifting through the results we’d gained so far and scouring the internet for reports and papers expressing similar finds regarding the sudden loss of analyte in a number of the samples. However apart from the odd sentence in the majority of ‘relevant’ papers found, on the whole nothing really proved that useful as a means of explanation.

Due to the data we’d uncovered throughout the course of the project, in order to expand on this and draw further conclusions regarding pH stability, a new project plan went underway which, when undertaken, will hopefully give more substantial results.

Part way through the week, the second to last run was undertaken, with the results (for most of the samples) showing patterns which thankfully made sense when added to the long list of data obtained so far.

On Friday I had the opportunity to attend a staff meeting, this provided me with an opportunity to better understand how the NHS is run and hear the queries/questions fellow staff members had, and although I didn’t fully understand everything that was discussed, I found the meeting as a whole very interesting.

Looking back over the past six weeks, I’m very glad to have been given the opportunity to work in the labs here and feel that the knowledge I’ve gained from this placement will be vital in my studies and future job opportunities both within lab settings and elsewhere.

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