Week Five

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This week there was no operation stack so the office was back to normal; everyone was back in, so a lot more people to talk to!

I started this week off with the literature review and have now completed this. I also completed the worst part of research… writing up the references! I’m going to be spending some time next week adjusting the review to fit the requirements of the different journals for submission. Each journal has different requirements which need to be met, for example the nursing times requires a key points sections, some journals require Harvard referencing, whilst others require their own form of referencing. Once I’ve reformatted the review we will be sending it in for submission! We will be trying the British Journal of Nursing first, but having a journal published can be quite a lengthy process so I’m not sure when we will hear the outcome of this.

We conducted the focus group at Tonbridge Cottage Hospital and had our best turn out yet; nine mentors, all of whom stayed for our study. The group went really well and we have got some similar feedback from the participants of this group to other groups. Some participants also identified new barriers which have not been suggested previously. As the focus group was so large we recorded for a longer period of time, meaning I had much more to transcribe this week; I spent Thursday and half of Friday completing.

Friday afternoon I went to the library at University to research Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis; the method we will be using to analyse the transcripts. I’ve already done quite a lot of research around this, but it is a difficult topic to get your head around, so Jo has recommended a good book for me to read.

I have some really exciting news! We are looking at extending our study to include a comparison with acute nursing services, as well as a cross-cultural study. The paperwork has now been submitted for the acute research and we are just waiting for approval to come through. Jo has also identified a research department in Slovenia who would like to take part in our study, so I will be writing the paperwork for this.

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