Week 5 and we’re very busy

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It’s the start of my sixth week here and the ID card sitution has finally been sorted! This meant that on Friday we were finally able to return all of the files that we had collected (over 50) and pick up some new ones. Returning the files turned out to be the easy part. In patient records there are shelves and shelves of files and whilst they’re ordered by patient number, finding the ones you want is not as easy as you’d think it would be. It was a good job that we returned all those files as just after we returned from patient records we were presented with a trolley full of files that we had ordered. This coming week we should have another batch of 20 files arriving, so we won’t be running out anytime soon. We’ve gone from worrying about running out of work, to being rather busy!

In total we’ve added over 80 enteries into the SUTO spreadsheet and almost 140 letters into the TIA-OSA database! Hopefully in these next three weeks the number will continue to grow and we’ll get closer and closer to having a complete database!

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