Visiting HTS Teams – Week 7

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This week I was quite content as I managed to stretch my legs and get out of the office on a wild goose chase to get the missing data needed to finish my report. Ironically this actually involved having to get in a car for two small road trips lasting from 30-45 minutes to Swale and Thanet , so not much leg stretching was actually involved. Since I had to visit two teams to collect their data which in hindsight could be seen as a paltry amount of data (involving around 40 entries) but to go travelling and learn about other parts of Kent I could appreciate and more importantly, all the data adds up in the end and I wanted my report to be as accurate and reliable as possible. I was also very happy to get the chance to visit other HTS sites and teams.
They were all very warm and welcoming, offering us refreshments upon arriving and happily chatting about their jobs, their lives and up and coming leaving do’s. I recognized most of the professionals from the open day in my first week. After the trips input the rest of the data, ready to start evaluating for the report which in my opinion is where the real work begins as it involves the most maths.


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