Obtaining Results

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This is a long process of data gathering. It had to be done in the ophthalmology clinical room.. since only that room contains the oymap machine and the other computer in the room contained the software to obtain the other types of images: optical coherence and fluuresceine angiogram images.

The procedure was simple: look at each of the images and determine where on the back of the eye was the macular oedema (using the optical coherence image) and which vessel was being affected by it (using the fluoresceine angiogram image), then look at that vessel on the oymap and use the software which gave information on the vessel saturation and compare this with the images taken after laser therapy. Then we could look for any changes in the oxygen saturation of the arteries and veins in the macula.

The actual data collection was time consuming… taking a couple weeks, lots of evenings and nights spent in front of those machines.

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