What did the results show?

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At the end of our long period of data collection, we finally had enough results to go forward. We had data on a total of 23 subject eyes; equal amounts of left and right eyes and 16 males to 7 females. We also had a couple controls, where there was no macula edema seen in the retina, no laser therapy was given to the eye, and the oxygen saturation did not change.

Our results showed that for all 23 eyes, the oxygen saturation of the affected vessels greatly increased after laser therapy. The arteries had a dramatic increase in oxygen saturation post laser but the veins either remained the same or had a decreased oxygen saturation post laser.

The arterial oxygen saturation increased from 87.1 +/- 1,56% to 93.1 +/- 1.22%  (p<0.001) and the venoous oxygen saturation decreased from 66.60+/-2.36% to 60.44+/-3.10% post laser therapy.

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