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The EU Rights Clinic is a joint initiative of the University of Kent in Brussels, the Kent Law Clinic and ECAS, the European Citizen Action Service.

The EU Rights Clinic seeks to contribute to improvements in European policy and legislation by engaging in strategic litigation and advocacy efforts targeting systematic breaches of EU free movement and migration rights by the national authorities of the EU Member States.

This assistance is provided by students enrolled on the EU Migration Law course at the University of Kent in Brussels working in partnership with qualified lawyers and citizens’ rights advisers.

The EU Rights clinic began its operations in January 2013 to coincide with the European Year of Citizens. You can find out more about our clinic here and watch a presentation on Youtube here.

The EU Rights is grateful for the financial support it receives from the European Programme for Integration and Migration under its sub-fund on EU mobility.

We are a proud member of LawWorks the UK’s leading legal pro bono charity for solicitors, in-house counsel, mediators and students.

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The EU Rights Clinic is a member of ENCLE

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6 thoughts on “About us

  1. Thank you for your efforts in assisting in helping some of us go through this ‘minefield’ that is EU rights and law. Will keenly follow your work. Thanks

  2. I am very happy to know that this legal service is in action,I am from Bangladesh and would like to work with your team and in the same line in Bangladesh. please add me in your Team.

  3. There is another service here in Ireland called FLAC (Free Legal Advice Centres) – they don’t give AID normally though they have acted and do act in certain cases picked for a particular purpose and one that springs to mind involved ECJ . May be another connection for your work here.

  4. Dear Sheila,

    Thank you for getting in touch. Please feel free to get in touch with us: our contact details can be found here

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    The EU Rights Clinic

  5. I am so glad to find this site and to hopefully find that there is somewhere that British pensioners may obtain some accurate information about how to deal with problems arising out of choosing to reside in the EU ,we appear to be regarded as unworthy of our entitlements and indeed much of our income is derived from having bought this through years of work and contributions. I have just emailed you with my specific demise .Your site is new and I wish you luck with this .

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