The full conference programme is here. Details and papers can be found by hovering your cursor over the ‘Programme’ tab above and selecting the relevant date.

There are two pre-conference workshops, to which all EPOP attendees are invited.

Using Experiments in Political Science
The workshop will cover: the advantages and disadvantages of experimental methods, the design and analysis of experiments and the use of experimental research in political science. There will be opportunities for participants to ask questions and discuss the use of experiments in their own research.

The workshop will be led by Professor Raymond Duch, of the Centre for Experimental Social Sciences at Oxford University.

Registration for this workshop is via the Registration page. If participants wish to book accommodation for Thursday night, this can be done via the Registration page.

Qualitative Methods and Research Design
This workshop is aimed at all researchers who would like to learn more about qualitative research and have questions about their qualitative research designs and methods. The first session of the workshop will be an interactive, hands-on collaboration to give researchers ‘a feel’ for handling qualitative data. The second session aims at creating a space for discussing questions about doing qualitative research.

The workshop is organised by the PSA Qualitative Research Methods Specialist group. Further details and booking information can be found here.

A plenary session will be held on Friday afternoon on ‘The Future of Opinion Polling’. Speakers include Patrick Sturgis (Chair of the BPC Inquiry into the 2015 election polls), Martin Boon (ICM) and Joe Twyman (YouGov).