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My experience of Welcome Week

My experience of the University of Kent has been amazing so far. Naturally, I was nervous to go to university. Living in a new place did seem daunting, but the opportunity to meet new people and learn new things made me excited too. On arrivals weekend, I was settled in quickly- a current student showed me the way to my room and answered any questions I had about life at Kent. After unpacking, I went to meet my new flatmates and we all went to the Venue (the on-campus club). It was a great night; everyone was friendly and I met so many new people! There was a lot to sort out on the first weekend, but the staff were very helpful so I was organised by Monday.

The first week was Welcome Week; I had a lecture from the School of English the first Monday, which gave useful details about all the different modules and what would be run. This was a great way to meet more of the department than I already knew, and it also helped me to find one of my lecture theatres. The rest of my Welcome Week was a mixture of introductory talks that initiated me around the campus and I found that a taster lecture was useful in demonstrating the format of the lectures to come. We had a poetry reading, which was also very exciting!

There were many social activities on campus too. There was a different theme at the Venue every night, and there were loads of places to explore in town. I found it was a good way to bond with my flatmates, but there were plenty of other ways to get to know them than partying. On Thursday and Friday was the Freshers’ Fair. This was especially good- being able to talk to people in societies about what they enjoyed really helped me to choose what to sign up for. I joined kickboxing society, and have been loving it!

After Welcome Week finished and lectures and seminars had begun, I knew my way around campus and was feeling ready for work. I have really been enjoying it, and have met a lot of people on my course that I get along well with. I’m completely settled with my new routine, and am looking forward to the next experiences university will bring.

Victoria, Stage 1 English and American Literature

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