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‘The Book Project’ module and book launches

The launches  for this term’s Book Project were probably the most exciting part of the entire module. Getting to hold and display physical copies of your work was surreal. There was a sense of anticipation for everyone to see the final products of the group effort of class workshops. More importantly, this was a module many Creative Writing students had been working towards. At the Book Launch we launched our books but also, ourselves as writers.

With regards to the poets in this module, myself, Ashley Hugot, Safiya Allaf and Emilie Dufresne worked together on our own collections throughout the term. We held our own workshops, and generally just supported each other. As poets, we all had something different to offer but our mutual love for poetry meant that those feedback sessions were invaluable.  Hosting our own poetry launch at Water Lane Coffeehouse felt like the best way to celebrate our work together on this project. Selling a few more books in the process was also a bonus.

Gemma, Stage 3 English and American Literature and Creative Writing

The Book Project is final year module available to Creative Writing students. The main emphasis is on producing a body of creative work through workshop and background readings, where students will look at all sorts of topics current in publishing, from vanity publishing to the web. Completed work is then published using professional print-on-demand technology to create your own book with full-colour cover, for the launch of these publications at an end of term launch event.

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