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Students’ reasons for choosing to study English at Kent

We asked some of our students firstly why they chose to study English at Kent and secondly why they were glad that they had made that decision. Here is what they said:

“I chose to study English at Kent because of the freedom it offers in terms of choosing modules and tailoring the course to suit my interests.

I am glad I study English at Kent because of the vast extra-curricular opportunities and events that are organised by the School of English as these are very inspiring and contribute a great deal to the overall experience of being an English student.”

Ana, Stage 2 Comparative Literature and English and American Literature


“I was surprised to find a course that had so much flexibility and allowed the student to mould their degree to fit them; there is only one compulsory module in first year. Also, I was keen to explore a wide scope of literature which I feel the course provides with its selection of both English and American Literature.

I have read such a wide scope of literature throughout my first year and have discovered literature that I never knew I would be interested in. The research-led teaching is also very beneficial as you’re being taught by professors and Dr’s that have a specific interest in that area of literature and are currently carrying out research in that area. It also gives you the best experience of that module and focused help with assignments and exam preparation.”

Lucy, Stage 2 English and American Literature with a Year Abroad


“I chose to study at English at Kent due to the School’s wide variety of modules that span across many different centuries and cultures. The choice that the department offers has enabled me to tailor the course to my interests.

The level of student support has been outstanding- be that academic support or for student’s health and wellbeing.”

Rosella, Stage 2 English and American Literature with a Year Abroad


“After leaving a previous university due to the inflexibility of the English course, I attended an English open day at Kent and was overwhelmed by the variety and versatility which the English and American Literature course provides. Also, the support offered by the university caters to both academic and pastoral care, so as a student you know you always have someone to turn to who is more than willing to help, which is an amazing feeling.

The breadth of materials, genres and periods covered at Kent allows you as a student to really explore and find which kinds of literature you are interested in and would like to pursue further. This flexibility is very unique, and opens doors to literature you may never have even thought you would study and enjoy!”

Nikky, Stage 2 English and American Literature with a Year Abroad


“I chose to study at Kent because it was close to home, had a campus as pretty as a freshly laundered bed (a rare student occurrence), had a dedicated and interesting staff who made an already enticing course all the more exciting, and had a wide range of extracurricular activities to ensure I got the most personally as well as academically out of my degree.

I am glad I made this decision because I feel like I know myself better after a year at Kent.”

Edric, Stage 2 English and American Literature and Creative Writing 


“I chose Kent because I had finally decided to study English Literature at university and Kent offered me the chance to study literature, creative writing and do a year abroad. It combined everything I wanted to do and seemed like the type of university where I wouldn’t be just another student, or part of a statistic, but it offered me the chance to be taught, invested in and treated as an individual.

I’m glad I chose Kent because it has allowed me to hone in on precisely what I wanted to be studying, figure out my areas of interest, and shape my degree to me as an individual. I love that Kent doesn’t force us into a mould, but let’s us grow, develop and improve as writers, and provides us with the space and skills to do that.”

Krystle, Stage 3 English and American Literature and Creative Writing with a Year Abroad


“I have wanted to study English for more than 30 years and I am fulfilling that dream now. So why Kent? I was in the lucky position to be offered all 5 of my UCAS choices, the top of that list was Kent. From the moment I first crossed the threshold Kent felt like I belonged. the students, the staff, both academic and administrative were welcoming, knowledgeable and above all left me feeling that they wanted to be here and wanted me to share in that sense of belonging.

The feeling outlined above has not changed, everyone I have met, studied with, been helped by and simply interacted with has not lessened my belief that the University of Kent is populated by individuals that not only want to be here but share in the belief that education is for everyone and regardless of your own personal circumstances will do everything in their power to make that a reality for you as a student.”

George, Stage 1 English and American Literature and Creative Writing

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