Photograph of Scrabble letters arranged to form the word Welcome.


This website is all about helping you get on top of your attendance at university.

When you hear the word attendance, what comes to mind? Is it something about rules and regulations, or does the word evoke something else: perhaps a kind of shadowy dread, or the grey drizzle of boredom.

A black and white photograph of an empty classroom.
Where’d everyone go? Image by Max Klingensmith.

There are lots of reasons why attending teaching can be a challenge. If you are finding it hard, then this website is for you.

If you want some help to think about why attending is a problem for you, then its best to start with our reflection page.

If you’ve already got an idea what the problems might be then you can jump straight to the relevant section using the menu on the left (top right if you are on a smartphone).