“Always On Their Mind”: Elvis Presley and Consumer Culture

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“Always On Their Mind”: Elvis Presley and Consumer Culture

3rd June, 2017

University of Kent, UK

Since Elvis Presley’s rise to stardom, his star image and persona has been used to sell products. However, it is through his death that his name and image can be found in seemingly unrelated locations and commodities. The estate’s company, Elvis Presley Enterprises, has attempted to further Presley’s fanbase through re-releases of his music, Graceland, and most recently, an exhibit at the O2, London. The combined effort of the Authentic Brands Company, EPE, and the ability to re-create Presley through fictional and non-fictional texts, has allowed Presley a unique position in contemporary culture.

To celebrate the upcoming 40th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death, this conference will attempt to re-evaluate and explore how Presley’s star persona continues to be a commercial success. Commodities; re-runs of television documentaries and concerts; re-mixes of Presley’s music; tourist attractions and the expansion of Graceland’s entertainment complex, are just a few of the ways that Presley’s ubiquitous stardom is presented and sold to contemporary society. Through this conference we would like to explore the connections between consumer culture and stardom, analysing how Presley’s star history has allowed his continued presence in today’s culture.

 In addition to the conference, participants are invited to take part in a screening of Elvis documentaries made by members of our industry panel on the 2nd of June. More Elvis Presley screenings, workshops and events are soon to be confirmed.

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