WHAT NEXT? – annual unconference for final-year students

WHAT NEXT? is a joyous event in which graduates working in creative careers and people from arts organisations help our current students think about how to get into their chosen careers and think about their future in general.

WHAT NEXT?, the School of Arts’ annual unconference for final-year students, is back – for the first time since the pandemic!

WHAT NEXT? is an unconference in which students set the agenda for a series of discussion panels, helping them to think about getting a job, further study, and their future in general. Also taking part are Kent Arts graduates working in the creative industries, people from local arts organisations, and colleagues from the Careers and Employability Service.

We’re really proud of our graduates in the School of Arts, and we’re excited to see what our current students will do once they finish their courses. WHAT NEXT? is an important part of that process.

Tickets for WHAT NEXT? are free to Kent Arts students

WHAT NEXT? full event details.