Arts Council funding for Studio 3 exhibition

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Dr Eleen Deprez, curator of the Studio 3 Gallery has been awarded an Arts Council grant for £14,000 for the forthcoming exhibition Hair: Textures of Belonging at Studio 3 Gallery.  She will collaborate and co-curate the exhibition with Dr Sweta Rajan-Rankin, Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Kent.

Hair: Textures of Belonging will explore the gendered and racial aesthetics of hair as signifier of black and gendered identity. The exhibition will celebrate the diversity of black culture, and promote diverse representations of beauty beyond the white aesthetic. The impact of the exhibition will be amplified by a day of performance and workshops at the Gulbenkian Theatre on campus.

The exhibition will feature Marina Abramović, Zhu Tian, Sonia Boyce, Yuni Kim Lang, Jayoung Yoon, and Sonya Clark.

The exhibition will run from 4 March until 4 April 2020.

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