Fashion shows in Studio 3

Image from the student fashion show in Studio 3

Students on the module ART502 – Costume and Fashion will be hosting a fashion shows in the Studio 3 Gallery in the School of Arts on Wednesday 20 November 2019, entitled ’20’, ‘SPILL’ and ‘Juggernaut’.

20 will explore the roaring 1920s from the perspective of the 2020s.

SPILL will draw attention to the excessive amount of clothing we purchase, we waste and we hardly wear. This is a problem with our understanding of clothing’s value; our understanding of the planet’s groaning climate crisis. Our greed. The SPILL project battles consumerism and fast fashion. It battles waste, and it battles over-production. We are fighting our gluttonous natures, one outfit at a time.

The theme of Juggernaut is youth and freedom in a post-apocalyptic world where social conventions don’t matter anymore.

The show will begin at 5pm.

UPDATE. There is now a photo gallery from the show available here: