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We have a brilliant digital collection of resources for study and research in Music and Audio Technology, these include multimedia, recordings, sheet music, magazine and newspaper … Read more


Discover and use our multimedia collections including films, documentaries, television, or radio programmes to view the content covered in your film, media studies and music … Read more

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This section highlights Kent’s digital reference sources that are relevant for study and research in the Arts. These are all included in LibrarySearch. You may … Read more

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This section will help you find journal articles. The easiest way to find journal articles is to do a keyword search for your topic in LibrarySearch. … Read more

Digital collections

We have a fantastic collection of digital collections for study and research in Drama including multimedia, magazine and newspaper archives, periodicals, e-book and play script … Read more

Digital collections

Use the Arts digital collections to enrich your research and gain a deeper understanding of a topic. Resources for History of Art include an image … Read more

Digital archives

This section highlights the fantastic collection of digital archives for study and research in Film and Media Studies including magazine, periodical and newspaper archives. Use … Read more