Digital Collections

We have a brilliant digital collection of resources for study and research in Music and Audio Technology, these include multimedia, recordings, sheet music, magazineĀ and newspaper archives and much more! Below is a list of library services and relevant open access resources.

Use this material to enrich your research, gain a deeper understanding of a topic and elevate the academic quality of your research.

Naxos Music Library

Streaming access to over 160,000 classical music, jazz, world, and pop/rock CDs.

Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive

Magazine archive containing 50 publications from the era of vaudeville and silent movies through to the 21st century. Includes the core US and UK trade magazines covering film, music, broadcasting, and theatre, together with film fan magazines and music press titles.

Daphne Oram

Daphne Oram (1925 – 2003) is one of the central figures in the development of British experimental electronic music. Site funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Sheet music at Project Gutenberg

Volunteers from Project Gutenberg have been engaging in digitizing public domain sheet music, using a variety of techniques, to enable study and performance. For the most part, the musical pieces created have been chamber music, with composers such as Brahms and Beethoven.

The Mutopia Project

Offers sheet music editions of classical music for free download. These are based on editions in the public domain, and include works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Handel, Mozart, and many others.


International Music Score Library Project, also known as Petrucci Music Library.

120 Years Of Electronic Music

Covers electronic musical instruments from 1870 to 2019, focusing mainly on those in use before the 1960’s.

Encore21 Catalogue of Performance Sets

The database gives the names of public libraries as the name of the local authority. Libraries of other institutions appear under the name of the institution. Addresses and contact details are not given as these change frequently; users are recommended to search for the website of the library in question for

British Library Sound Archive

Explore 45,200 selected recordings of music, spoken word, and human and natural environments. Please follow Log in via your home organisation link.


The Phonogrammarchiv, an institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, is the oldest sound archive in the world.