Society for the Psychology of Human-Animal Intergroup Relations (PHAIR)

The goal of the PHAIR Society is to advance and promote scientific research and education on a wide range of topics related to how people perceive and treat animals, the consumption of plant-based vs. animal-derived products, animal advocacy, and veganism. This research field sits at the center of several interrelated areas including moral and social psychology, diet and health, human-animal relationships, and sustainability and environmental psychology. Although research in this area is often inspired by moral concerns for animals, the PHAIR Society is a scientific society and not an advocacy group.

PHAIR Research Presentations

We are excited to kick things off with a series of research talks from some of the top researchers in our field. We have tried to schedule the talks at times that will enable people to view them around the world.


Spring Speakers Series

  • Catherine Forestell – May 27, 11amEDT/4pmBST: Reducing Omnivores’ Desire and Intentions to Eat Meat

You can watch the talk of Catherine Forestell here:

  • Alina Salmen – April 29, 11amEDT/4pmBST: Beef it up! How masculinity distorts perceptions of vegan men and meatless meats

You can watch the talk of Alina Salmen  here:

  • João Graça – March 25, 12pmEDT/4pmGMT: Chopsticks and army knives: Levering psychology in interdisciplinary approaches to enable plant-forward transitions

You can watch the talk of João Graça  here:

  • Matti Wilks – February 25, 5pmAEST/7amGMT/2amEST; (or Feb 24, 11pmPT): How do children value animals?  (with a bonus talk on attitudes towards cultured meat)

You can watch the talk of Matti Wilks here:

You can watch the talk of Lucius Caviola here: 

The talks will occur on the fourth Thursday of each month throughout the winter/spring, leading up to the Animal Advocacy Conference this summer. We hope that this series and the summer conference promote research in this area and stimulate collaboration.


If you would like to attend the talks, get in touch with us and we will add your details to our email list: Kristof Dhont (, Chris Hopwood (, or Jared Piazza (