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Keynes LT1

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Kristof Dhont

Keynes LT1

Symposium 1 (invited): How children value animal life

Chairs: Luke McGuire (University of Exeter) and Jared Piazza (Lancaster University)

1. Children’s pro-social action towards animals
Speaker: Magie Junker (Cardiff University)
Authors: Magie Junker, Katja Liebal, Karri Neldner

2. Adolescence: A critical period for emerging speciesism?
Speaker: Luke McGuire (University of Exeter)
Authors: Luke McGuire, Emma Fry, Alex Carter, Nadira Faber

3. Children’s perceptions of animals and other entities: Caring, liking and knowing
Speaker: Karri Neldner (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)
Authors: Karri Neldner, Matti Wilks, Charlie R. Crimston, R.W.M. Jaymes, Mark Nielsen.

4. Children are less self-serving than adults in their concern for animals we eat
Speaker: Jared Piazza (Lancaster University)
Authors: Jared Piazza, Heather Henseler Kozachenko

5. Polish children prioritize humans over animals less than Polish adults do
Speaker: Matti Wilks (University of Edinburgh)
Authors: Matti Wilks, Mariola Paruzel-Czachura, Maximilian Maier, Roskana Warmus , Lucius Caviola

Keynes LT2  

Session 1: Social barriers to meat reduction

Chair: Rebecca Gregson (Lancaster University)

1. Relational climate and plant-forward diets
Speaker: Rebecca Gregson (Lancaster University)
Authors: Rebecca Gregson & Jared Piazza

2. The traditional vegetarians – improving attitudes toward vegetarians through emphasizing similarities between vegetarianism and traditional fasting
Speaker: Anastasija Budžak (Singidunum University)
Authors: Anastasija Budžak & Marija Branković

3. Negative affect and gender differences in defensiveness toward plant-based eating
Speaker: John Hoeks (ICS-ULisboa)
Authors: João Graça, Kim Hinrichs, John Hoeks, Lúcia Campos, David Guedes, Cristina Godinho,  Marta Matos

4. How do we persuade existing meat-reducers to encourage their friends and family to also adopt more-plant-based diets?
Speaker: Laura Thomas-Walters (Oregon State University)
Authors: Laura Thomas-Walters, Megan Jones, Gregg Sparkman, Courtney Dillard, Samantha Sekar

Keynes LT4

Symposium 2: Communication strategies to reduce animal-product consumption

Chair:  Leyla De Amicis (University of Glasgow)

1. How vegans and vegetarians negotiate eating-related social norm conflicts in their social networks
Speaker: Laura Salmivaara (Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS)
Authors: Laura Salmivaara, Mari Niva, Mia Silfver, Annukka Vainio

2. Vegans’ emotional journeys and creative practices to get along with non-vegan romantic partners   
Speaker: Leyla De Amicis (University of Glasgow)
Authors: Leyla De Amicis, Disha Prakash Mankani

3. The Cheese Paradox: the psychology of non-meat animal product consumption and what we can learn from it
Speaker: Devon Docherty (Surge Activism/University of Stirling)
Authors: Devon Docherty, Carol Jasper

4. Institutional Change: a guide to effective animal advocacy through institutional changemaking
Speaker: Charlotte Flores (Bryant Research)
Authors: Charlotte Flores, Chris Bryant


Lunch Break – Networking

Keynes LT1

Symposium 3 (invited): Teaching vegan sociology

Chair:  Corey Wrenn (University of Kent)

1. Distance learning
Speaker: Matthew Cole (Open University)

2. Intersectionality
Speaker: Jessica Greenebaum (Central Connecticut State University)

3. Patchwork assessment
Speaker: Kate Stewart (University of East Anglia)

4. Methods
Speaker: Zoei Sutton (Flinders University)

5. Classic theory
Speaker: Corey Lee Wrenn (University of Kent)

Keynes LT4

Session 2: New perspectives on vegetarianism & veganism

Chair: Jared Piazza (Lancaster University)

1. Overcoming barriers to becoming & staying veg*n
Speaker: Andrea Polanco (Faunalytics)
Authors: Andrea Polanco , Jo Anderson

2. Would you rather be born a dairy or beef calf?
Speaker: Roi Mandel Briefer (University of Copenhagen)
Authors: Roi Mandel, Marc B.M. Bracke, Christine J. Nicol, John A. Webster, Lorenz Gygax

3. Animal people: exploring world views, moral frameworks and lived experiences with animals
Speaker: Ondine Sherman (University of Sydney)
Authors: Ondine Sherman

4. Should cats and dogs go vegan?
Speaker: Andrew Knight (University of Winchester)
Authors: Andrew Knight

Keynes LT2

Session 3: Sociological perspectives on our relationships with other animals

Chair:  Rebecca Gregson (Lancaster University)

1. Research and politics of animal sanctuaries
Speaker: Darren Chang (University of Sydney)
Authors: Darren Chang

2. Vegan standpoint theory: A learned oppositional consciousness
Speaker: Jessica Greenebaum (Central Connecticut State University)
Authors: Jessica Greenebaum

3. Something fishy in the civilizing process
Speaker: Adrianna Kapek-Goodridge (Huddersfield University)
Authors: Adrianna Kapek-Goodridge

4. Animal abuse as a strategy of coercive control
Speaker: Mary Wakeham (University of Bristol)
Authors: Mary Wakeham


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Keynes LT1

Keynote 1. Ten years of the Meat Paradox: What we know (and don’t know) about omnivores eating animals

Steve Loughnan (University of Edinburgh)


Welcome reception

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